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Vascular Physiotherapy

Stendo®, patented and exclusive technology, is the only device in the world that is able to increase the natural production of Nitric Oxide, using an entirely new approach: the body completely at rest without any strain to the heart, the muscles or the lungs.

In order to increase the dynamic flow of the blood fluids and to amplify the mechanical forces responsible for the production of Nitric Oxide in our bodies, Stendo Laboratoire has designed a breakthrough innovation, the Pulsewave® suit, which is able to stimulate non-invasively and 100% naturally the bioavailability of NO (health molecule) in our bodies.

The patented Pulsewave® suit has a unique double gel-air layer that propagates effectively the mechanical stimulation by adapting to the shape of the body.

The command interface uses a touchscreen and is simple and intuitive, allowing the treatment parameters to be defined depending on the intended objective.


Synchronised to the heart rate

Tension control with brassard Nibp


The stimulation from the Stendo® device is synchronized to the heart rate and is based on the new science of mechanobiology. It generates compressive and decompressive forces at the surface of the skin that trigger beneficial and positive physiological effects and biological adaptations deep within the body.

With respect to heart activity, the suit and the control algorithm transfer stimulation pulses to the body that are unprecedented in nature: high-frequency (800 bpm), low-intensity (30-80 mmHg), centripetal (12 compartments activated from the ankles towards the abdomen), and highly precise (diastole cardiac synchronisation) Adding this external stimulation to the natural, basal pulses of blood while the body is at rest positively influences the natural production of NO and consequently the systemic diffusion of these benefits throughout the body.


As a very important diagnostic tool we use the darkfield microscopy before and after treatment


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