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AN-DI Bioplasma therapy (Dr.Sakian)

The Bioplasma-Generator is an energetically active instrument/apparatus, which isn’t physically touching the biological object (e. g. body), but evokes a luminescence in the “biological active points” (BAP) and: 
a) shows results in the frequency of the visible spectrum and
b) in the mean time treats and corrects them.

Principal function

The working of the Bioplasma-Generatoris based on electric oscillation.
All beings have an identical electrical voltage effect and their oscillations are recorded through periodic top vibrations of electric loaded particles. The different behaviour of the electrically loaded particles is shown by the luminescence of the BAP`s in all living organisms.

A quasi-periodic top vibration of distinctly loaded particles is created, with the electric oscillation (within the exits of the electrodes), so that the location of impact is automatically shown. The impact of these particles takes place from 5 to 20 cm above the surface of the body. This evokes the luminescence of the BAP`s on the surface of the living organism.

These BAP`s contain information about the pathology of an organ, or group of organs, for the present, from the past and also for the future, allowing an early diagnosis. The correction automatically takes place during the examination of the points while the pathological information is being transmitted.


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